Q11 Write a console application to calculate the simple interest.

Here we have to use the formula to calculate the simple interest

Si = (p*r*t)/100

The code is as follows:

Module Module1

Dim p As Integer
Dim r As Integer
Dim t As Integer
Dim si As Double
Sub Main()
System.Console.Write("Enter the principle amount=")
p = System.Console.ReadLine()
System.Console.Write("Enter the intrest rate=")
r = System.Console.ReadLine()
System.Console.Write("Enter the time period=")
t = System.Console.ReadLine()
si = (p * r * t) / 100
System.Console.WriteLine("Simple intrest is=" & si)
End Sub

End Module

In this program we have declared p,r,t of int type and si as double type. After that we have taken input by the user and assign the value to p,r,t respectively. After that we have use formula to calculate the simple interest. The output is as follows: