Introduction to Android

  • Android is an operating system for mobile phones that is based on the modified version of the Linux.
  • Originally Android was developed by the Android Inc.
  • In 2005, Google purchased the Android and took its development work and also its development team.
  • Google wished that Android to be free and open source that can run on any kind of devices such as mobile phones, tablets and even televisions.
  • Android is open source software that contains the operation system, middleware, and key applications.
  • Android provides the open source facility means anyone can download the code and can modified that code and can use that code easily.
  • Android provides the facility to develop the android application on any operation system such as Macs, Windows, or Unix and can publish the application.
  • In November, 2007, Open handset alliance (OHA) was introduced then it was the group of 34 members after that led by the Google.
  • In present time, OHA is the group of 84 companies such as T-Mobile, Sprint, LG, Samsung, Motorola, HTC, NVidia, Texas Instruments etc.