C# Events

  • Event is a very important feature of the C#.
  • Events are the certain actions that happen during the execution of program for which the application wishes to be notified about, so it can respond.
  • An event can be a mouse click, keystroke or alarm.

Declaration of Events

  • Events are member of class and declared using the event keyword.
  • The basic structure of declaration of an event is given below:
  • event event-delegate event-name

  • The class that contains the class known as publisher class and the class that accepts the event is called subscriber class.
  • Subscriber class provides an event handler to handle the event.
  • Here event-delegate is the name of delegate used to support the event and event-name is the name of the specific event being declared.


    using System;
    delegate void MyEventHandler();//Create a delegate for the event.
    // Declare a class that contains an event.
    class MyEvent {
    public event MyEventHandler SomeEvent;//declare an event
    public void Fire()
    if(SomeEvent != null)
    SomeEvent();//Fire the event.
    class EventDemo
    static void Handler()//An event handler.
    Console.WriteLine("Event occurred");
    static void Main()
    MyEvent evt = new MyEvent();//Create event instance.
    evt.SomeEvent += Handler;// Add Handler() to the event list.
    evt.Fire();// Generate the event.

    The Output of the above program will be as follows:


    Event occured